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Kane Staff App for Walking Dead RP
Name Optional:Kane

Discord Name:Commander Kane

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:65620185

Age: 16

What server are you applying for?: Walking Dead RP

Past Experiences: I’ve worked at DSM, Project Renegade, and 501st RP servers 

Why should we hire you?: I want to be able to whitelist people, since as a NCO for the Army. I need to train, and instead of having to pull people like Groovus, Breached, Bird ECT out of their RP’s to help me. And also, because of the Mingery of some Army members (alot of Enlisted most of the time) I want to be able to handle the situation RP wise and staff wise.

Promotions will be held every week on Saturday is that okay for you? its okay if not: Saturday is actually a good day for this, but depending on what is going on that day I may or may not be avalible.

Issues that came to you applying? A.K.A what should we fix?: be more specific with the format when you say “name” do you mean real name? Or something else. This is a minor thing.

If you want to be ADMIN, dont just get admin so u can whitelist

(04-02-2018, 02:49 AM)MasterMike Wrote: Sorry, DENIED

If you want to be ADMIN, dont just get admin so u can whitelist


Thanks for considering Bird, I have a couple questions. Is there a amount of time to wait before you can apply again, and as I stated in the app, what does it mean by “Name” I know it is optional but I want to know what it means specifically, is it our real name? In game name? Other then that, I will attempt to give a proper reason on why I should be hired, and no hard feelings Wink
Nice try Kane, you're a great roleplayer but better have a re think of what you do.
[quote pid='1383' dateline='1522680814']
2 things, 1. the "name" means ur in game name or real life name, or leave it blank with "N/A"
2. U can re-try it any day, but if we tell you to stop, please stop ok!    (try again i have high hopes Wink

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