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I heard that there will be a database when I first Joined but was sad to find out that there isn't one yet. 

I've found one that could be used maybe with this server Below 

1: RB's Criminal Records for DarkRP
  • Will track all Arrests, Warrants, and Wanteds, with a time/date, mugshots and editable reasons.
  • Easy to use, simple to setup, use whatever database DarkRP is setup to use.
  • Tracks individual player statistics, and has the ability to search for anyone and everyone on the server.
  • Shouldn't conflict with any other arresting addons as long as they call the 'playerArrested' hook (applies to Warrants, and Wanteds too).
  • Sleek, modern, and flat UI.
  • ULX compatibility (adds a permission under 'Criminal Records' called 'rbcradmin' that allows members of that group to edit all records).

2: [UPDATE] Advanced Government Computer (Mayor & Police) AGC
  • NEW Police record
  • NEW Government logs
  • Manage Arrest
  • Manage Wanted
  • Manage Gun licences
  • Manage citizen complaints
  • NPC for file a complaint
  • Cooldown time between 2 complaints
  • Speed warrant, wanted
  • Multi languages
  • Warrant/Wanted.. only from computer (True/False)
  • Hacker can now makes warrant/wanted/unwanted..
  • Translation system
  • Better hacking system
  • agc_remove & agc_save for save/remove entity
  • Computer for passenger (vehicles)
  • Delete player's logs
  • SQL
  • Compatibiliy driver license

Just wondering if these arent good what are yall having in mind comment down below on how It should be ? Thank you for your time 

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